Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A tour of my apartment

This has been a pretty common request, so here goes:

The first thing you see on entering the apartment is this large cabinet, whose sole purpose seems to be the storage of fake plastic flowers.
Egyptians are crazy for their fake plastic flowers.
This is my bed.
It's small but comfortable. There are actually two beds in my room. I use the other one, basically, as storage. It's a convenient place to leave clothing, books, etc. If company comes over I'll tidy it up.

This is the view from my bed:
This is the view from my balcony:
My apartment is directly above a shisha bar:

The living area is basically a bunch of couches; there's a dining area in the far corner and a bunch of chairs arranged in a circle.
A closer look at the dining table. It's not used for much, except to store fruit:
Note the vase of fake plastic flowers.

Now, we turn into the kitchen. It's pretty tiny, but very photogenic.

Here's the sink:
I think this picture turned out pretty good.

Here's the stove:The stove is powered by this gas canister.Gas canisters are apparently fairly exciting in Egypt, but that's another story.

And no apartment would be complete without a bathroom.
Sorry about the blur.

I am going to try to put something down on not-paper on a daily basis from now on, just so you all know that I'm alive and well.

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