Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Still Busy

That remains my excuse for why I've been so lax on my posts. I've got tons of work and classes and between that and trying to see some of Egypt I'm busy pretty much all the time.

So, up to speed: my second month of Ameyya (colloquial) was great and now this month I have started back up on Fusha (Modern Standard Arabic).

Tonight was the first night of Ramadan. A friend and I went down to Al Azhar mosque where he prayed. It was actually less crowded than I had expected, but it was still full of people. Young people (and possibly a few old) were throwing firecrackers and we walked through the streets and drank a lot of different juices--I had liquorice, mango, and tamarind (or possibly einab, which is like hibiscus tea but actually quite different); he had sugercane and coconut juice. We wandered all through the suqs and just had a great time, although the taxi driver on the way home decided that, since it was Ramadan, the ride was going to have to be more expensive.

I've got to get going, I have loads of Arabic homework and then, sleep.

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