Sunday, February 4, 2007

It was a dark and stormy night...

Not only am I still on dialup, but the phone wire I'm currently using is a spliced up phone cable that I have had to repeatedly twist together because it's not exactly plugged in to anything. Here is what it looks like:
(click to enlargen)

I'm currently in Alexandria, and it's windy. Now, I've been in situations that were windy before, but this is without question the windiest experience of my life. This was honest to goodness walking against the wind.

This is what the weather underground is saying about the weather in Alexandria:

Click for Alexandria, Egypt Forecast

I don't know what it says as you are reading this, but right now they are stinkin' liars. They say it is 23mph. Everyone here though insists it's a great deal faster than that. I mean, if you were using this to measure the weather, the rock would be gone. The wind is positively howling.

On a more positve note, I had my first authentic Egyptian food in Cairo today. It's called Kushari and it's a delicious blend of macaroni, noodles, rice, lentils, chickpeas, and tomato sauce which comes in a little bowl which you pour on top. At the table is a pitcher filled with a very, very spicy sauce which adds a little flavor and a lot of heat. Delicious.

Tonight, however, I couldn't find a proper restaurant so I had to eat a tuna pizza. The shame!

I've made it to the course and we have absolutely lovely hotel suites to stay in for the duration of our course. Furnished with lots of old elegant looking furniture. Very elegant and grimy, my kind of thing.

There are 12 other people on the course and I think I've met most of them. Everyone seems very nice and we already have homework, which I will read after I post this.


عربية: صبحاً ذهبت الى مطعم مع اصدقائى واكلت كشري. مسعااً ذهبت الإسكندرية بلقطا
This morning I went with friends to a restaurant and ate Kushari. This afternoon I went to Alexandria by train.


Toby said...

Wow. I'm really, really proud of my brother Jordan. Go you.

I love the daily Arabic. Can you give us a transliterated version, too?

Also, remember that the most important thing for you to keep in mind is that I'll be visiting in the fall sometime, and you'd better know the best place to get foul in Cairo.


Mom said...

Hi Jordan,

Me too, proud!

Ditto on the daily Arabic!

I tried sending you a comment after your first entry but I don't think it came through. Then I tried again after your Cairo entry, but I couldn't log on. So, now I have a new login and should be fine.

WHOOOOOOSH!! There goes that rock!

How did you travel from Cairo to Alexandria? How long was the trip? How comfortable?

Send pictures of your hotel room.


Jordan said...

How did you travel from Cairo to Alexandria? How long was the trip? How comfortable?

I travelled by train, and it took about 2 hours. It was like every other train ride you or I have ever been on, only there was a guy pacing back and forth every hour or so announcing "Shai!" (tea).