Saturday, February 3, 2007

Wow. Just, wow.

No pretty photos, no long posts, no quirky videos: I am currently posting this via a dialup connection. According to my computer, I'm now connecting at 38667bps. For those of you who are more used to broadband, that is 0.04Mbps, or about 1/15th of a DSL modem. To give you an idea, this is the kind of picture I can upload for you people with that kind of bandwidth:
But that's mostly just 'cuz I'm impatient.

Well, I made the flight to Egypt and met up with my friend Catherine. As with all travel stories, there were complications: believing I was going to miss my flight in the morning, arriving at the wrong terminal, and a taxi driver who insisted on charging me $5 to drive from one terminal to the other. And of course to celebrate my arrival in Cairo, we ate out at a delightful restaurant serving...Thai food. Odd day, I'm exhausted. Arabic to follow.


العربية: صبحاً ذحبت الى القاهرة في طاأرة. انا طعبان
This morning I went to Cairo in an airplane. I am tired.

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