Sunday, March 11, 2007

What happens next?

Today is the day I finally leave Alexandria.

I'm feeling a bit melancholy about it. I tend to take a while to adapt to a place, and after a month Alex was finally starting to feel like home. I can make my way around it fairly easily (here's a tip--just make for the Corniche or the tram), I actually know some of the people here, and of course I'm going to miss my fellow students.

But, especially since I don't have anything set to do here in Alexandria, I can feel my feet dragging. I love Alexandria, but the opportunities here aren't as great as they are in Cairo.

So in 2 1/2 hours I head to the station to get the fast train from Sidi Gaber station in Alexandria to the central train station in Cairo.

Everything is up in the air: I have a couch to sleep on tonight, but I have no apartment yet, no teaching job, and I haven't yet looked at language schools. I plan to get all this arranged over the next few days. The apartment is my first priority, and broadband is a must.

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Stephen Reiter said...

I showed my co-wokers the pictures of the pyramids you sent and we were all struck by how knobby they are as opposed to our vision of their being smooth. They also commented on what a handsome son I have! He is smooth! Love Dad