Tuesday, May 15, 2007



So everything has been working okay for a while. I've put a stop on my diet, mostly because I noticed I started feeling better once I started drinking more water and eating larger lunches. The problem wasn't that too much bad stuff was coming in; not enough good stuff was! I'm still eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

So I was finally going to put up a post today reassuring everyone that my computer problems are settled, and then the phone company disconnected the line. So, right now I'm in an internet cafe again working on a shitty computer. Tomorrow I'm going to get my LCD in my laptop fixed so I can just walk over to a WiFi cafe (there are *loads* all over Cairo) and work from there, until my flatmate (who is Egyptian) can figure out what's happening with the phone company. The owner swears he's paid the phone bill, so why it got shut off is a mystery.

I'm finally starting to make more friends here, just chatting some people up, some of the expats and some of the English-speaking Egyptians. Some of the people who work at Kalimat are pretty cool and I've started talking with them as well.

It is pretty hot in Egypt right now. I've only resorted to the A/C a few times so far, but that is because I am so hardcore. Okay, so actually I've used it quite a bit, but I don't have it in my room, so I am managing to sleep in the heat at least. That should count for something.

The one thing that's nice about really hot weather is I actually enjoy taking cold showers, which I understand is supposed to be good for you. Other than that, it's just really frikken hot. This is of course my punishment for being really cold in winter, and thinking, "Man, I can't wait till summer gets here."

I hope all of you are well. Oh, this is News: I am going on vacation next month! I will be meeting up with Marylyle and we will be staying in Paris for a few days and then traveling the French countryside for a while. I'm bringing my (fixed) laptop so I will stay in touch the whole time. I'll still have to work 4 days a week or so, while Marylyle goes off to one boring museum or another. :-)

But it will be nice to take a short break from Cairo. I really should get out of the city anyway; I will probably just make a trip to Alexandria at some point. I keep meaning to go but I'm so worn out on the weekends I usually just want to crash in my flat. I'll just have to force myself on the train or something.

Sorry for the quality of this post, not my normal writing style I think but better quantity over quality, right?

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Toby said...

Uh, aren't you in Egypt or something? C'mon, post something!